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IV Data Feed Server 
IV Data Feed Server

IV Data Feed Server (DFS) is the solution for institutions like banks, brokers, investment companies, hedge-funds, trading firms and other financial market players.

IV DFS is a unified data processing and delivery solution.

The main features of the IV DFS are:

  • integrated financial data provider

    • real-time and historical market data for exchange traded instruments covering all the assets (stocks, derivatives, FX, commodities, bonds, etc...) across US, Russia, Europe, etc.
    • accumulating data from multiple data vendors
    • easy integration with the new vendor

  • analytical module

    • built-in financial libraries that can be used to setup any kind of analytical calculations such as Implied Volatility, Greeks, Option Price, Bond performance and much more
    • building of custom calculations
    • all kinds of OTC instrument pricing (f.e. exotic options);
    • high performance data processing and calculations due to distributed computing and J2EE architecture standards as well as HPCs based on modern GPU architectures like CUDA
    • accumulation of the calculated analytical data in history
    • integration with the clients systems for providing streaming data used to perform stress-testing, VAR analysis or other tasks

  • data distribution

    • unlimited number of clients
    • flexible setup of subscriptions policies
    • bringing data to the users desktop
    • flexible data access rights based on individual user or group needs, specific data or instruments list, and technical characteristics such as channel bandwidth, requests per second, etc…
    • subscriptions control and monitoring

The system can be implemented at the client's side or may be used through remote access in our Data Center.

Using IV DFS allows financial institutions to address needs in receiving different data information from one place, have powerful analytics on traded instruments, and supply all users with this information.

Our clients gain principal competitive advantages, such as developing unique investment strategies, creating their own analytical applications and effective risk management.

The system is deeply integrated with our investment business solutions: IVonline - online trading and brokerage software solution and Focus - modular, fully integrated position keeping system with pricing, reporting and risk management features supporting trading of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives. | Account Services | Services & Tools | Forum | Overview | Blog | FAQ | Awards | Other Financial Resources | Search
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