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Services & Tools Rankers & Scanners Options Scanner Suite
Options Scanner Suite 
Options Scanner Suite
Options Scanner Suite
Price: $79.95 per month 
two weeks free trial  

IVolatility Options Scanner Suite
The package subscription combines all of the services that can be used to scan the entire universe of listed options for the most attractive trade opportunities. For $79.95 a month you receive access to:

  • RT Options Scanner (20-minute delayed data)
    RT Options Scanner is a unique service that allows you to search through a complete set of all publicly traded US options (about 170,000 options contracts) for trading opportunities involving strategies like:
    • Single-side strategies like Naked or Covered Write Protective Purchase, etc.
    • Any complex multi-leg option strategy - to find the missing leg.


  • RT Spread Scanner (20-minute delayed data)
    The RT Spread Scanner covers the most popular strategies, from plain naked or covered strategies and conversions, to more sophisticated spreads, straddles and strangles. You have unprecedented strategy search performance. In real time you can strategy search by value of position; risk/reward, risk/capital, maximum possible strategy return and probability of profit. You can scan the options markets based on your custom criteria that can include implied volatilities and option Greeks - all in real time! The intuitive, but flexible interface makes the service suitable for both novice and advanced users.


  • Spread Scanner and Charts (previous day close data)
    Spread Scanner can be used to build a stock spread, strangle, or, basically, any two-leg option strategy with one underlying. It gives an ability to search underlying names within some standard index or group, or within custom groups. You can scan for trading opportunities using criteria based on price and implied volatility of real market contracts and on specific indicators like Call/Put volume and Relative volatility. One of the service's features is an ability to automatically create delta-neutral strategies, or strategies with user defined delta.


  • Strategist Scanner (previous day close data)
    The Strategist Scanner service helps you find the best opportunities among Covered Calls and Naked Puts. Using these Scanners, you can choose your desired returns, desired stock price range, desired expiration etc. and save your criteria as a profile. You can save multiple profiles.


  • PnL Options Calculator now included Free with the Options Scanner Suite
    PnL Calculator is available as a separate subscription at $29.95 per month but for Option Scanner Suite it will be added absolutely FREE. Now, with the addition of the new PnL Options Calculator you will be able to simulate and chart the profit and loss potential of any planned, as well as existing trades. Input complex multi-leg strategies and simulate how the changes in stock price, volatility, dividends, interest rates and time decay will influence the results that are shown in both a table and a graph.
    Ask to include free PnL Calculator into your Options Scanner Suite package.

Start you 2-week trial of the Scanners package NOW!
Options Scanner Suite Price: $79.95 per month 
Options Scanner Suite
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