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Stock Sentiment
Stock Sentiment
Price: $19.95 per month 
Stock Sentiment is available for $19.95 per month and we offer a free two week trial.  

 Stock Sentiment Guide (Adobe PDF document)

The Stock Sentiment Service is a valuable tool for stock trend analysis. It is based on a combination of historical, technical, options-derived, and fundamental data. It is a service that is equally useful for both stock traders and options traders, both sophisticated and newcomers alike, and has the following features:

Stock Sentiment Ranker
  • Scan the database for the top Bullish / Bearish stocks
  • Scan the database for the most Volatile / Quiet stocks
  • Combine the scans above!
  • Limit the instruments universe to a certain range by price, trading volume, market capitalization, option volume&etc.
  • Create your own custom ranking criterion!
  • Add newly identified stocks to your Favorite group and use it in other scanners (such as our Spread Scanner, Covered Call scanner etc).
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Stock Sentiment Analysis Page

Stock Sentiment Summary - stock trend analysis summary. The summary is based on Implied and Realized figures as well as Technical Analysis Indicators.

Interactive Price Band Calculator - allows you to estimate future stock price range for a given probability (calculated on the basis of historical or implied volatility) - commonly referred to as Bollinger bands.

Interactive Technical Analysis Charts - most popular and reliable TA indicators are charted; you have the ability to change an indicators term(s) to match your own trading horizons or just find the value that matches the best stock trend prediction.

Stock Data section - historical, fundamental and options-derived data is shown here. Stock Sentiment Summary is all based on these values.

 Stock Sentiment Guide (Adobe PDF document)
Stock Sentiment Price: $19.95 per month 
Stock Sentiment
Stock Sentiment is available for $19.95 per month and we offer a free two week trial. | Account Services | Services & Tools | Forum | Overview | Blog | FAQ | Awards | Other Financial Resources | Search
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