IVolatility Risk Management

IVolatility.com is pleased to announce its new IVolatility Risk Management (IV RM) product. IV RM is a comprehensive real-time risk system combining analytics, data, risk management and sophisticated technology to provide a single risk solution. The IV RM system integrates the highly respected IVolatility.com EOD database to provide implied volatilities, correlations and betas along with other proprietary data calculations used for advanced risk analysis. Our option and strategy scanners are accessible from this application.

IVolatility's IV RM is available as an ASP solution, web based with no client installation required. Our sophisticated technology, state of the art hardware and expert support make this application a turnkey solution for any asset class.

Advantages of IV RM are:

  • Real-time data provided by ACTIV Financial
  • Coverage: US equities, futures, FX and derivative markets with all exchange traded instruments including flex and OTC option contracts
  • Flexible setup of user desktop interface, user can customize according to specific needs: major screens locations, colors, displayed information. Layout is stored and opened by just 1 click
  • Scalability: IV RM can be easily expanded to multiple users and adjusted for increased portfolio size
  • Multiple traders can access the system simultaneously and track their own portfolio, while at the same time, the risk manager can view the overall firm portfolio or an individual traders positions
  • IV RM provides full advantage of intergarting IVolatility.com's EOD database including new volatility curves, dividends, corporate actions, correlations, etc.
  • System can be accessed from any internet connection
  • Backup facility: IV RM is supported with Primary and Backup servers for fail safe redundancy of positions and risk capabilitySupport: System is supported by our technical specialists who monitor systems continuously
  • Support: System is supported by our technical specialists who monitor systems continuously
  • IV RM provides powerful analytical, trading and risk management services

Analytical tools

IVRM provides a wide set of pre-trade analysis, allowing traders to test ideas and build confidence in trading strategies

  • Charting of market volatility by time and strike skew, including historical minimum/maximum bands
  • Comparing market volatility with traders theoretical volatility
  • Comparing market quotes with theoretical values, alert mechanism when market quotes vs theo values widen
  • Option calculator for evaluation of option prices and greeks under different market conditions
  • Early exercise reports
  • Integrated IVolatility option and spread scanners search all markets for the best strategy based on users defined criteria
  • Automatic expiration processing
  • Real-time quoting pages with Greeks, Vols, Theos
  • Daily and Total P&L
  • Setup of custom dividends and rates, including hard toborrow rates
  • Corporate actions processing.

Risk Management

  • Real-time risk evaluation
  • Risk presented in $ values, correlated or uncorrelated measures
  • Aggregation of risks on trader/sector/strategy/firm level
  • What-if analysis of risks based on time, price, volatility change
  • Hedging strategies by indices or stocks
  • P&L Reporting
  • Setup of custom volatilities for risk

Our customers

Customers of IV Risk Management are financial institutions such as banks, hedge funds, trading firms and market makers: CIBC World Bank, Parallax Fund, Prudential Securities, and others, benefit from using our system in daily trading and risk management.

Pricing and trial

We offer a demo and two week free trial of IV RM along with full support from our client service specialist to answer any questions. Your positions can be imported into the system during this period as well. IV Risk Management is also priced surprisingly affordable. Contact our Sales Representatives at www.ivolatility.com or fill request form or call (201) 275-1111 to arrange a demo and receive further information.

Since 1999, IVolatility.com has combined sophisticated analytics, cutting edge technology and award winning data in one easy to use platform for trading, charting and risk management. IVolatility.com provides a powerful comprehensive suite of trading and risk management solutions that unite the experience of advanced technologists with the expertise of senior market specialists. IVolatility.com's database represents the most complete and accurate source of historical implied volatility (IV) and correlation data ever developed and can be accessed with a simple web browser or a direct data feed.