IV Data Cloud

Ever wanted processed, clean data analytics for the entire options universe at your fingertips?

IVolatility.com's new IV Data Cloud delivers just that. For the first time, you can automatically call any data via RestAPI, so you can power your Risk Management systems, trading applications, and websites with the most powerful volatility data available.

With options data for US, Canadian, and European equity and equity derivatives markets since November 2000, US Futures and Futures derivative data since December 2005, European futures and futures derivatives data since 2012, and Asian equity, futures, and derivatives markets since November 2008, IV Data Cloud is your one stop shop for accessing global historical options and futures data.

Yet raw data isn't enough.

So, IV Data Cloud includes our award-winning analytical datasets, from Raw Implied Volatility and Greeks to Volatility Surface data and beyond.
We recognize the power of data, so IVolatility historical data includes listed and delisted securities, giving your backtesting, modeling, and algos a leg up in a data-driven world.

But that's not all.

New to IV Data Cloud are intuitive interfaces that help you visualize data before downloading it. This means you can see historical equity, historical options, historical futures data conveniently before getting an easy-to-process CVS file, ready for Excel or wherever you analyze your data.
So, IV Data Cloud delivers the data you need to solve key trading problems, from backtesting to strategy modeling:

  • Historical US, European, and Canadian options closing data since November 2000
  • Historical US Intraday equity and equity options data down to the minute since 2011
  • Historical US futures and futures derivative data since December 2005
  • Historical European futures and futures derivatives data since 2012
  • Historical Asian equity, futures, and derivatives market data since November 2008
  • Leading Implied Volatility based analytics deployed by over half of the top 50 US market participants
  • The original IVX volatility index for every listed equity. Like VIX but for everything.
  • Flexible, convenient delivery
  • Visualization tools
  • Cloud data access
  • Access via RestAPI to automatically call data and seamlessly integrate with any kind of web-site, platform, or application