Real-time Scanners Suite

Real Time Options Scanners is a unique service that allows you to search through a complete set of all publicly traded US options and indexed options (about 180,000 options contracts) for trading opportunities all in real time! The scanner searches the option universe and it allows you to pick your option strategy (covered call, calendar spread, straddle etc.) or it allows determining the option you need in the terms of cost, liquidity, risk. The Real Time Options Scanner is based on 20-minutes delayed data.

Real-time Scanner Suite comes complete with two separate interfaces which allows for maximum user flexibility. The Scanners Package subscription also gives access to the Advanced Historical Data service with no additional charge.

Scanners Suite component Real-time Options Scanner is also available as a separate service with a 2-week trial and on-line subscription.

Package subscription:
Real-time Options Scanner
Real-time Strategy Scanner
Advanced Historical Data
$179.95 per month with a 2-week trial
Real-time Options Scanner $59.95 per month with a 2-week trial

To arrange a demo of our Real-time Strategy Scanner Suite (package subscription) please contact our sales representative.