Professional Services

Suite of professional-level tools based on a revolutionary data analysis platform comprising pre-trade analytics, portfolio-management and risk-analysis tools. Historical data analysis solution based on a back-testing ready options data time-series database.

Historical Data
Until the launch of, options traders seeking volatility data had to rely on incomplete data from vendors or had to maintain the mammoth infrastructure necessary to handle the complex calculations themselves. IVolatility changed everything by developing proprietary technology and methodology to capture, cleanse and perform calculations on the most advanced and accurate database in the market.

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IVolatility Risk Management
IVolatility Risk Management (IV RM) is a real-time system that combines analytics, trading, risk management and sophisticated technology to provide a single comprehensive solution for professionals. Being empowered by, IV RM system is integrated with IVolaitlity database which provides implied volatilities, correlations, betas and other data for advanced risk analysis; and with real-time options and strategy scanners.

System is available as an ASP solution, it is run as a web-application and doesn�t require any installations.

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Dispersion ASP
Volatility dispersion trading is a popular hedged strategy designed to take advantage of relative value differences in implied volatilities between an index and a basket of component stocks, looking for a high degree of dispersion.

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