Revamp, Automate, and Scale your Valuation and Audit Footprint

IVolatility is a proven data provider with 70,000+ clients globally on data solutions
EGAR Global is a sister company providing Data, Models, and a high-performance
NoCode platform for fast-to-production, omnichannel workflow / dataflow builds

EGAR NoCode 'lego-blocks' Visual Development

Users themselves can design the work process, through visual flowcharts and data use, while the platform automatically generates the ready-to-run software.
  • Speed-to-market with significantly less resource outlay - all underlying technical and software complexities are handled by EGAR NoCode platform
  • Full process control, full transparency, full documentation, and full auditability - what you see (flowcharts) is what you are running. Perfect for QA, Validation, and Regulators.
  • Flexible to change and Fast to add functionality - in contrast to last-century practices of modifying codes under layers of software programs with EXCEL patches
EGAR also has a large library of financial and reporting software as ready-made templates, and extensive API connectivity to in-house processes, 3rd party software, and indeed to all global exchanges and OTC market data.

Single Provider for a Multitude of Needs

Global Realtime Data and Historical Data
By IVolatility
By IVolatility
By EGAR Global
Sophisticated Model Connectivity and Systems
By EGAR Global
By EGAR Global

Delivering Unique Value

Together, IVolatility and EGAR Global provide cross-functional value for Audit and Valuation Service providers. A single source for all your needs.
In summary, EGAR Global provides world-class Data-driven Cloud Services + extensive API connectivity, fast Workflow and Dataflow configuration, an extensive library of Models and Calculators, and flexible Reporting capability.

Use Cases:
Automating [Data - Workflow - Calculations - Reporting] Chain

Automating saves significant $ and sets the platform to drive business volume and profits

Every one of your competitors is looking into this.
Where are you in the race?

EGAR Global combines Cloud Data Service with Workflow, Calculation and reporting functionality, all bundled into a comprehensive package at a highly competitive price

Use cases of automated processes:
Data Ingestion and Master Data upkeep:

  • Consolidated market data with multiple vendors and formats into standardized format for downstream processing
    • Security Master data mapping from different vendors
    • Reference data capturing - corporate events, dividends etc
    • Historical market data adjustment
  • Data cleansing models - daily and historical
  • Data templates - easy to add/modify without re-organising data bases
    • Instrument data, market data, counterparty data etc

Enrichment and Calculations:

  • Analytical calculations - risk factors, volatilities, correlations, Greeks, etc...
  • Perform the valuation calculations - provide NAV
  • Pricing models library in Cloud - customized EGAR library or APIs for external calculators

Workflow - Control, Monitor and Governance

  • Download daily Valuation list - reconcile positions and transactions
  • NAV reconciliation and checks - if outside tolerance level, produce Interim Results for Diagnostics
  • Exception Management - sorting issues to pass on to appropriate channels
  • Workflow and data linage flowcharts - transparent and fully auditable

Reporting - client reporting and regulatory reporting

  • Data templates and Report templates
  • Flexible reporting templates + library of templates
  • Data linage and flowcharts - fully trace-able and auditable results
  • Upload results to produce appropriate reports
  • Automate email/text/website reports to clients

*EGAR Global provides cost-effective in-house supports, and also fully managed service should you decide to out-source