IVolatility Advertising Opportunities

IVolatility is an award-winning, revolutionary options data and analysis service providing all the information required by equity & futures options traders for pre-trade analysis, post-trade decision support and risk management. As a recognized leader in the field, we bring real time volatility measures along with other important data for option traders and strategists. Our database represents the most complete and accurate source of historical implied volatility (IV) and correlation data ever developed arranged and displayed in a manner that creates predictive qualities while providing the best volatility charts in the business. Nobody does it better!

IVolatility clients represent all segments of the global derivatives market. More than half of the top 30 options market makers and US options brokers use IVolatility data services. In addition, IVolatility.com clients include three out of five of the largest US banking institutions and more than half of the top 50 investment banks. Over the years we evolved into the premier provider of analytical tools and data all Internet delivered. In addition, we offer customized solutions and data at every level, from beginner to expert professionals at institutional firms and hedge funds.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. found that options traders are more likely to be college graduates, have higher incomes and higher liquid net assets.

If this is the target market you want to reach, we have several alternatives available starting with banner display advertisements on our website, currently displaying about 300K page views per month. Since online advertising is a dynamic market requiring dedicated full time professionals, contact our advertising department at advertising@ivolatility.com for current availability and competitive pricing.

Next for dedicated e-mails, we offer our subscriber list of more than 65K, as of January 2018 at a CPM of only $65, or just $4,225 for a dedicated e-mail using one the top lists in the category, but more importantly one targeted to active options traders and strategists.

Approximately 70% of the addresses are in the US with 30% in Europe and Asia. If you want to focus on a special area, we also prepared geo-targeted e-mail lists by request.

In order to prevent attention dilution we limit our e-mails to advertisers offering products and services compatible with the interests of our subscribers. We schedule them on Tuesdays and Thursdays and depending upon the time of year, we usually have some openings available.

In addition, on Mondays we prepare and send a weekly IVolatility Trading Digest to our subscribers containing market information and relative option statistics along with trading suggestions including ad space that makes a good follow-up either for a previous dedicated e-mail or for special event notices and offers.

For the Digest, we include a short one-paragraph summary in the Digest text with a link to the advertiser's sales landing page. At just $195 per issue, it provides an opportunity to test the market and see where the pricing needs to be in order elicit responses.

Further, we offer private labeling of IVolatility data, analytical tools and services as well as customized development projects.

For further information contact us at sales@ivolatility.com or call (201) 275-1111 or (646) 401-1190.