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Actionable Options Thursday, February 27

Actionable Options for Thursday, February 27


The RT Options Scanner shows $CCL March 35 calls IV 108 up 8%, 12 strikes +110 contracts as shares sell off 1.9%​​

The RT Options Scanner can be configured to provide a lot of data by adding columns that show change, etc. for each strike

Advanced Options: $XLF Index call at 28 compared to 52-week range 12 to 29, +12 strikes +200 contracts amid shares down 1.9%​

Advanced Options: $JPM IV Index call at 29 compared to 52-week range 15 to 30, +10 strikes +10 contracts into EPS and outlook​​

Calls with increasing volatility movement and volume: IOVA EMB PLTA​​​​

Puts with increasing volatility movement and volume: DIS UBER NIO AAL​​​​



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