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IVolatility.com - data and services usage: Recent news.

Last time (see the article online) we gave an overview of one of our most popular services – our Advanced Options Page. We are going to take a little break from describing this service and will use this newsletter to announce several news features that recently became available to our subscribers.

Advanced Options Page

In the previous newsletter we mentioned that there was no easy way to see the Time Skew chart for any strike. Well, now there is! We’ve added a small chart icon in the strike cell of the Option Data grid – click this icon and corresponding strike Time Skew will open in a new window.

IVolatility.com Intraday Services

Though we’ve launched our first Intraday Options Scanner just a few weeks ago it has already got better! First, both Time Skew and Strike Skew charts have been added to the Monitor View of the scanner (separate lines for Calls and Puts). The charts are being updated during the day as soon as the options quote changes:

But that’s not all – our intraday services options universe has expanded! All Nasdaq-100 components have been added to our coverage list. So, now options for the following equities and indexes are available:

  • Index options on NDX,DJX,OEX,XLF,DIA,QQQ,SMH,BBH,OIH and SPX
  • Options on all S&P500 constituents
  • Options on all NASDAQ 100 constituents

Naturally, Intraday bulk data subscribers have access to intraday Volatility Surface and individual options contracts volatilities as well. Keep an eye on our announcements – more instruments to be covered soon.

Egar Dispersion ASP

Last, but not least, one of our Institutional services – Egar Dispersion ASP recently was improved as well. Market coverage has been extended to support more Sector Indexes. Now the following instruments covered include:

  • Canada index: TX60
  • Europe indexes: CAC,DAX

For more information on using Egar Dispersion ASP service please refer to the site.

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