RT Options Scanner Guide (Adobe PDF document)

RT Options Scanner is a unique service that allows you to search through a complete set of all publicly traded US options (about 170,000 options contracts) for trading opportunities involving strategies like:
  • Single-side strategies like Naked or Covered Write Protective Purchase, etc.
  • Any complex multi-leg option strategy - to find the missing leg.
The scanner is powered by 20-minute delayed data. Your scan results will be receiving updates throughout the day bringing you the latest market information on your potential position. Create multiple scans for different trading ideas and have them all update simultaneously.

The Scanner offers Basic and Advanced Search Interfaces.

Basic Search Interface:

Advanced Search Interface:

Monitor Screen displays options contracts that match your search criteria. You can have several screens (up to ten) with different set of options contracts shown simultaneously. Each screen can have up to 1200 option contracts. Maximum number of options contracts to show at one time (across all screens) is 3000.

Software requirements

RT Options Scanner is using JavaTM technology. If you do not have Java Virtual Machine (version 1.8) on your computer you can download and install it from here:


The process is fully automated and takes just a few minutes.

 RT Options Scanner Guide (Adobe PDF document)