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Asian Index & Equity Options

IVolatility offers comprehensive Asian Historical Options Data, catering to a diverse range of financial instruments in the Asian markets. With a wide coverage of equities, including stocks, ETFs, and indices, along with all traded options from prominent exchanges like the Hong Kong Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, Australian Securities Exchange, Korea Exchange (KOSPI2 index), Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, and Taiwan Futures Exchange (TWSE index), IVolatility ensures that its users have access to a vast array of potential opportunities.

Within this extensive dataset, IVolatility provides historical data for over 800 names, with more than 500 of them offering options, enabling investors and traders to explore a broad spectrum of investment possibilities.

The historical data here begins on November 2008, giving IVolatility's users a substantial time frame to analyze market trends and historical performance.

In addition to the above, IVolatility's platform also encompasses Chinese options from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, including China ETF50 options, along with other options that will soon start trading. For those interested in exploring the Chinese market, IVolatility offers the option to download China ETF50 samples, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the available data and make more informed decisions.

With IVolatility's Asian Historical Options Data service, investors gain a competitive edge by accessing a vast range of historical information and market insights across various Asian equities and options, empowering them to make well-informed and strategic investment choices in the dynamic and growing Asian financial landscape.

Datasets available:
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