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We've been pioneering Big Data before it became popular to talk about data. In 1999, we recognized that recording and analyzing options data would one day be essential to developing and maintaining an edge in the market. Since then, we've applied our methodology to the market's most important segments and we're proud to say that we provide the most comprehensive database of options prices and analytics in the world.

Today, we cover more than 63 exchanges across the globe, with historical data starting from 1990 for select assets. Our history and experience serving market leaders for over 20 years allows us to offer the most comprehensive datasets in the world, including all delisted companies.

Our IVolLive analytics platform leads the market in helping traders analyze volatility data with a comprehensive set of metrics required by professional traders and serious investors to assess risks and opportunities.

Today, we are proud to serve the largest financial institutions in the world, counting the most sophisticated hedge funds and influential institutional investors as IVolatility clients. We take deep pride in our daily conversations with retail investors who see our platform as a way to bridge the gap that seperates them and professional investors. Together, these types of traders make up over 70,000+ registered IVolatility users.

As a sister company of EGAR NoCode, one of the fastest growing startups in the financial services technology field and developer of the proven ENC platform, we tap into a deep pool of expertise in order to help our customers with any custom requirements necessary for providing value-driven solutions, ad-hoc calculations, data management, and data consolidation.

We leverage our broad development and data science resources to offer capital markets a wide range of solutions, deliver you the data you need efficiently and professionally. We can work with simple flat files or advanced Database formats and deliver your data via SFTP, Managed Cloud DB, or APIs.

Every day, our analysts and quants scan the market, looking for ways to improve our methodology. Excellence in research has always been one of the founding principles of IVolatility. We never take shortcuts because we know that in financial markets, shortsighted market data sourcing only leads to shortcomings in our clients' trading results. We cut costs to save you money everywhere except where it counts most: quality and results.

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