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US Index & Equity Options

The data coverage provided by IVolatility is comprehensive and extensive, offering full support for all US listed equities, including stocks, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), ADRs/indices (American Depositary Receipts), and all traded options. With more than 5,500 US equities with options supported, users gain access to a vast array of potential investment opportunities. Over 1,000,000 US equities options are also available for analysis and trading strategies.

For US equities, the historical data spans back to November 2000 for end-of-day (EOD) data, and 2006 for 3:45 pm EST snapshot data, providing a robust historical context for research, backtesting, and decision-making.

IVolatility offers essential information for options trading, such as option closing prices with volume and open interest (OI). Additionally, users can access raw implied volatility (IV) data, including option prices with IV and Greeks for all expirations and strikes.

Datasets available:
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File based, Managed DB, API Data Cloud, Snowflake, Public Cloud - AWS, Azure

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