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European Futures & Futures Options

IVolatility offers a comprehensive European Futures and Futures Options data service, providing selective coverage of the most popular futures and futures options in Europe. Our platform includes data from prominent exchanges such as Oslo Bors, NYSE Euronext Paris, NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, EUREX Swiss Options and Financial Futures, EUREX Deutsche TerminBorse, NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, NYSE Euronext Brussels, and the Milan Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana), encompassing a wide range of assets like mini-Ibex, Euro Bobl, Euro Bund, Euro SCHATZ, and more.

With over 200 European futures products available, we offer traders and investors ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Among these, up to 20 products also offer options, providing additional flexibility for various trading strategies.

Our European historical data extends back to November 2012, allowing users to analyze market trends and performance over the years.

Datasets available:
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