RT Spread Scanner

 RT Spread Scanner Guide (Adobe PDF document)

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Unusual volume activity

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RT Spread Scanner covers the most popular strategies:
  • Covered Call
  • Covered Put
  • Conversion
  • Calendar Spread
  • Bull Vertical Spread
  • Bear Vertical Spread
  • Bull Diagonal Spread
  • Bear Diagonal Spread
  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Gut Strangle
  • Naked Call
  • Naked Put
  • Collar
The scanner is powered by 20-minute delayed data. Intuitive, but flexible interface makes the service suitable for both novice and advanced users. You get unprecedented strategy search performance. In real time you can strategy search by value of position; risk/reward, risk/capital, maximum possible strategy return and probability of profit. You can scan the options markets based on your custom criteria that can include implied volatilities and option Greeks - all in real time!

The Scanner can be of great use both for beginners and experienced traders. You can use all ‘defaults’ or drill down to fine tune your search criteria:

Default search interface

Use custom search settings

All analysis is based on a combination of real time and historical data. You can create multiple scans for different trading ideas and have those all update simultaneously!

Search results

Position details

Real time position risk simulation is also available. It includes short leg assignment risk.

 RT Spread Scanner Guide (Adobe PDF document)