Spread Scanner Guide  (Adobe PDF document)

Spread Scanner can be used to build a stock spread, strangle, or, basically, any two-leg option strategy with one underlying. It gives an ability to search underlying names within some standard index or group, or within custom groups.

You can scan for trading opportunities using criteria based on price and implied volatility of real market contracts and on specific indicators like Call/Put volume and Relative volatility. One of the service's features is an ability to automatically create delta-neutral strategies, or strategies with user defined delta.

Spread Scanner application introduces some default search profiles that can be applied to create most popular combinations, like Long Calendar Spread or Short Strangle. You can analyze the result set of trading opportunities using a large historical IVolaltility.com database.

You can fully customize the search output format and apply multiple columns sorting feature.

Detailed information about the strategy is available both in graphical and tabular formats.

The simulation feature is available in Spread Scanner - you can run the Risk scenario and see the spread value change with the time and underlying price.

Optional Spread Charts service allow you to perform a visual historical analysis of your strategy.


  Spread Scanner Guide  (Adobe PDF document)