IVolatility.com - data and services usage: enhancements to Advanced Futures Options service

We are proud to announce some important enhancements to our Advanced Futures Options service. For long time IVolatility.com have offered two versions of Option Calculators:

Basic Calculator - free version of options calculator using end of day quotes
Live Calculator - premium version of options calculator ($5 per month) using live quotes

Both of them are equity options calculators, and now we've added same functionality for futures options. It is implemented as an Option Calculator tab in the premium Advanced Futures Options Page service (only end of day data for now). You can read more on this service in one of our earlier newsletters.

Each Option Calculator enables you:

  • Forecast option's theoretical value and calculate sensitivities (greeks) based on the volatility you consider fair. In Live Calculator you can use 20-minutes delayed volatility here
  • Calculate implied volatility of exchange-traded options using 20-minutes delayed bid/ask quotes (Live version) or end of day data
  • Perform these calculations for any not listed option with custom parameters based on your input data

We describe all this in the improved online user manual for both equity and futures Option Calculators.

You'll find Futures Options Calculator very similar to that of our Basic and Live Calculators:

The only thing is that of course you'll additionally need to enter futures expiry as an input parameter (select a specific futures contract).

As always, you can try our enhanced Advanced Futures Options service for free for two weeks. Current subscribers get the new features without any additional fee.