With the crisis all over the world, we continue to grow and develop new analytical and trading services for our clients.

Today we are launching new ranking service – FUTURES RANKER.

Futures Ranker is a simple but effective analytical tool that provides volatilities (implied and historical for different maturities from 30 to 720 days) for US futures market.

Being an excellent addition to the Advanced Futures Options service, the Futures Ranker allows ranking and scanning of futures by different criteria such as:

  • highest/lowest change in Implied Volatility,
  • cheapest/most expensive future options based on the ratio of Implied Vol to Historical,
  • cheapest/most expensive future options based on current IV comparison to 1 Year High/Low values,
  • and a lot more ...

Futures Ranker is available by subscription only for the low cost of $19.95/month.

As always, we offer a free two-week trial of the service.

Click here and subscribe to the free trial of Futures Ranker service.

Profitable Investing,