FREE IV Graph add-on bonus for our bulk data clients

With the launch of our new IVGraph service on the web,
we announce a FREE IVGraph add-on special offer for our bulk data service clients.

The IVGraph add-on is an interactive graphical service, which can be linked to your database of historical and daily data that you currently receive from With the IVGraph add-on, you can watch several securities, compare different charts, apply technical analysis, organize charting workspace and a lot more.

Now you can easily plot all of the data in your database - prices of stocks, options, volume, implied volatility, historical volatility, and more.


You can subcribe to the 1 week free trial of IVGraph or just watch the 7-minute demo to learn quickly about the service.

The IVGraph add-on installation is easy and takes just a few minutes. It is currently available only for SQL managed database solutions.

If you are not using SQL, but would like IVGraph please contact us for the details about our special discount web site subscription rate to IVGraph for bulk data clients.�

For more information please contact us
Sales: �212 223 35 52 �
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