New Probability Calculator for Stock and Option Traders!

Europe and Canada Available For The Probability Calculator!

Intraday Data

IVolatility is pleased to announce adding new markets for the Probability Calculator service.

European and Canadian equities and indices are now available in addition to the US.

Innovative and easy to use, this tool helps you quickly evaluate strategy alternatives based on the probability of stock or ETF prices reaching various targets.

Key features:

  • NEW: European and Canadian equities and indices are now supported.

  • Incredibly user-friendly interface – no learning curve!

  • Pre-loaded  with IVolatility's award-winning input data including stock price, volatility, expiration dates, dividends, and interest rates.

  • Calculates probabilities of touching low or high target prices.

  • Calculates probabilities of finishing below a target, between two targets or  above a high target price.

  • Shows prices ranges for plus and minus 1,2,3 Standard Deviations.

Increase your bottom line by adding more opportunities for optimized option strategies using probability distributions.

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Add European or Canadian market access for only $9.95 per month more.

Luck increases with careful preparation.

See this short video example.