Intraday volatilities and risks: new IV Risk Management upgrade.

IV Risk Management is a real-time risk system for the professional trading community. It combines trade execution capturing, risk management and reporting functionality with the powerful pre-trade analytics driven by the database.

Key features of IV RM are:

  • Real-time quotes, volatilities and risk evaluation;
  • Risk aggregation on account/strategy/firm basis;
  • What-if analysis;
  • Execution trade feed;
  • And much more.

Read a complete description of IVolatility Risk Managment.

Major new enhancements added in January 2010 include:

  • Risk evaluation based on intraday market implied volatilities:
    Now in addition to using theoretical volatility curves for risk analysis, we have added the ability to choose real time market volatilities for portfolio risk calculations.
  • More flexibility for what-if analysis:
    Now supports individual custom settings for spot and volatility simulations for each group in the portfolio.

Based upon user feedback, we continually enhance our systems to bring robust online solutions for active traders.

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