10 in 2010: IVolatility.com is celebrating its 10th anniversary in March 2010.

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10 in 2010: IVolatility.com is celebrating its 10th anniversary in March 2010.
David Krell

"I would like to congratulate the entire IVolatility.com team on their 10-year anniversary. They have created a valuable service that helps to analyze market volatility and provides investors and traders with the tools to make more informed options-trading decisions.

I wish them even more success in the next 10 years."

David Krell, a founder and the Chairman of
International Securities Exchange, LLC, (ISE).



Gena Ioffe, CEO, IVolatility.com

"Ten years ago we created IVolatility.com with the idea of providing affordable options analytics over the internet. Over the years we evolve as premier provider of analytics, tools and data all affordable delivered over the internet. I would like to thank all our clients - without you we will not be where we are today.

As a token of our appreciation we will give each user if IVolatility.com 6-month free access to any service you want. Please visit the site for more details on how to get your free service."

Gena Ioffe, CEO, IVolatility.com

IVolatility.com History

IVolatility.com was started in 1999 with the introduction of our IVIndex (IVX) 30 day � Implied Volatility Index for equities calculated using our proprietary methodology. Our original web site offered several free services including "Basic Options", "Basic Calculator", and "My Favorites" for users to view the IVIndex values, volatility charts, and then create a portfolio of equities.

IVolatility.comWithin six months, we had thousands of active subscribers providing feedback that we used to develop new analytical tools and services.

In 2000, we added five more volatility measures for the IVIndex � 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 days and launched new services such as "Advanced Historical Data", "Advanced Options" and "Advanced Ranker." Now these services are the most popular, offering an intuitively easy way find good trading candidates while providing the best volatility charts in the business. Further, we began offering strategies tools with the addition of "The Strategist Worksheets".

Next as our database grew and we realized the importance of our unique data we began offering historical data as a separate service.

In 2002, we expanded to include the European markets and in 2005, we added the US futures markets.

In 2005, we concentrated on adding intraday data and introduced "IVolatility SDK", "Advanced Options Live", and "RT Options Scanner" and "RT Spread Scanner."

As we expanded, we started offering products that are more sophisticated for the professional trading community such as "Dispersion Trading", "IV Risk Management", "Volatility Server" along with our Historical Implied Volatility database.

Now many leading brokers, educational firms and exchanges provide our data and tools to their clients.

On our web site, we currently offer more than 20 data and analytical services while continuing to provide free basic options analytical data for everyone.

For 10 years, we have been collecting and arranging options data to create predictive qualities for finding an edge. We offer solutions at every level, from beginner to expert professionals at institutional firms and hedge funds.


IVolatility Team: "We are working for you"

The IVolatility Team

The foundation of our success is our team of dedicated professionals working hard developing and improving IVolatility.

All our professional staff and specialists have higher degrees; some have PhD degrees in math or physics, others will obtain them soon.

Starting with just few people, IVolatility now has dozens of specialists including financial analysts, data specialists, programmers, and testers.

The staff of IVolatility.com is proud to be a part of this unique organization.

Tokens of Our Appreciation

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we would like to offer a token of our appreciation to all of our clients.

During the months of March and April, all of our existing users and new subscribers will be offered one additional service free for 6 months.

Contact support support@ivolatility.com, to learn more about this anniversary special offer for all existing and new users.

Clients about us

"IVolatility�s data has been of very high quality and consistency. Their responsiveness when we have asked them questions has been superior and their answers clear and correct. We highly recommend them to all equity data users."

Jeffrey Hunt Mantel, Ph.D., CEO, The Mantel Group, LLC

"Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! That is a great milestone. We have always found your service accurate, reliable and a tremendous value. We look forward to working with you for many years in the future."

Jesse Anderson, CFA, Snider Advisors

"I have been a long time user of Ivolatility Risk Manager and data service. It is a big headache to gather all the relevant information and data for option pricing and risk management, including stock dividends, interest rate, option contract adjustment, option and stock quotes. IVolatility provides a one-stop shop for all the service, which is very convenient for option traders and researcher. Their customer service is excellent and very responsive."

Victor, professional investor

"We have been using Ivolatility for market data and risk management for the last ten years and have been very happy with the product. Getting options market data in the United States is a very difficult proposition and Ivolatility has been able to deliver a great product at a price that is not cost-prohibitive for smaller firms like ours. The risk management system is tailored for options trading and provides a great deal of flexibility and depth in looking at risk of individual positions or the portfolio as a whole. It has become an essential part of our business. The team at Ivolatility has always been open to our suggestions for improving and customizing their products and have always come through with the changes we ask for. We continue to be very happy with our relationship with Ivolatility."

Bay Hill Capital Management