New Equity Collar Calculator included FREE in The Strategist Worksheets and The Strategist Scanner and Worksheets.

We are glad to announce the addition of a new Equity Collar Calculator to The Strategist Worksheets and The Strategist Scanner and Worksheets.�This upgrade is now included as a free bonus.

Current subscribers can start using this hedging tool upgrade right now!

The Strategist Worksheets provide strategy analysis for the Covered Call, Protective Put, Naked Put and now the Equity Collar including the trade description and details such as commissions, margin requirements, expiration analysis, the break-even point and the PnL chart.

The Strategist Scanners help find the best opportunities among the Covered Calls and Naked Puts by applying filters for required return, time horizon, Implied Volatility and others.

New subscriptions for The Strategist Worksheets are just $9.95/month. The Strategist Scanners and Worksheets are just $30/month.


For new subscribers we offer a 2 week free trial period. Try them and find better trades quickly!

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