Intraday US futures options Implied Vols in "IVolatility SDK Futures"

Today we have the pleasure to announce the addition of US futures and futures options markets data to our popular IVolatility SDK service.

IVolatility SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of software libraries used to access options data for third-party applications running on the Windows platform. IVolatility SDK provides both market quotes (prices, sizes, volumes, open interest) and derivative values, such as options implied volatilities, Greeks, IVIndex, IV Surface, Historical Volatilities, and more. With SDK you don't need another market data feed.

Now in addition to intraday US equities and options (OPRA) data, you can access US futures data traded at CME, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE, CBOT, CFE, and other futures exchanges for all traded futures products including soft commodities, bonds, interest rates, energy, equity index, FX, metals and more. The data includes intraday market prices, volume, and open interest as well as implied volatilities and the Greeks.

Using SDK you can integrate volatilities/Greeks data into Visual Basic, .NET or C++ applications using the standard COM interface. We also provide the DDE data link into Microsoft Excel and no programming knowledge is needed to access to the data.

IVolatility SDK Futures

Three affordable subscription levels are available:

  • IVolatility SDK Stocks only $59.95/month
  • NEW: IVolatility SDK Futures only $59.95/month
  • NEW: IVolataility SDK Stocks & Futures only $99.95/month

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For corporate clients, we offer Volatility Server, an enterprise solution for intraday US market prices and volatilities. It simultaneously provides updates on all markets and can re-distribute the data within an organization.

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