IVolatility's Holidays Special offer: 30% off on implied volatilities database.

It's Thanksgiving soon and we at IVolatility decided to use the occasion to offer our clients an unprecedented chance to save thousands of dollars when they purchase our data this holiday season. Up until the end of 2010, we offer a 30% discount on our flagship institutional products: implied volatility historical database and intra-day data feeds.

Implied Volatility database includes:

  1. US, Canada, Europe, Asian (new!) markets; equities, futures, options, most data starts in 2000
  2. Options Prices, Volumes, OI, Implied Volatilities, Implied Volatility Surfaces, Implied Volatility Index, Historical volatilities, Dividends, Interest Rates, Corporate actions
Only in November and December 2010: 30% off on implied volatilities database.

Continuous flow of daily data keeps history up to date, different delivery choices from plain file to a database setup are available. The quality of our data is backed by our unchallenged status of an industry leader since the year 2000.

Use our innovative database to perform research and backtest strategies, analyze market behavior, build custom analytics for trading, evaluate risk measures of portfolios, and much more.

For more information please contact sales@ivolatility.com 212-223-3552

Happy Thanksgiving