Data Download Limit Extension

Data Download Limit Extension


We are glad to announce that starting from September 2011 data download limit for our web-service Data Download Wizard has been extended tenfold: from 5 MB to 50MB per download.

Using Download Wizard you can load the following market and analytical data directly from's database for US and European equities and equity options:

  • Options prices, volume, OI (NBBO dataset)
  • Options prices, volume OI, Implied Vol, Greeks (Raw IV dataset)
  • Implied Volatility Surface by Moneyness
  • Implied Volatility Index
  • Historical Volatility

Data history dates back to November 2000.

For more details and samples please visit Download Wizard

In addition to historical data you can set up Daily Update using Updates Wizard and a daily file with the download link will be e-mailed to you on a regular basis.

Should you need large data sample, please e-mail directly to us at with the details, we offer up to 50% discount from web-site prices for bulk data orders.