IVolatility 2012 New Year's offer: worldwide indices package for everyone.

For every new data service subscriber we are glad to offer a special package containing world-wide indices with implied vols and options data. Available for both institutional and individual users!

Package includes:

- World-wide indices package - up to 100 indices from US, Europe, Asia including S&P500, Nasdaq, DAX, CAC, TOPIX, KOSPI, Nikkei 225, Nifty, and lots of others.

- Options Data and Implied Vols for these indices (you can choose one of multiple available representations of IVs)

- Scrubbed data delivered as daily reports

- Pricing options:

  • US and Europe: $49/month
  • US, Europe and Asia: $99/month

Offer valid ONLY in January 2012 - pricing will apply for a full year of subscription.
Number of available subscriptions is limited.
Additionally, historical data from 3 to 11 years is available with a special discount valid only January 2012.

For more information please contact sales@ivolatility.com or call 212-223-3552.