OIC news announcement for New Orleans

Options Industry Conference
May 5-3
The Roosevelt Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana


Both Giles Aylesworth from our Chicago office along with Jack Walker from our New York office will be attending this annual industry event to demonstrate our services and answer all your questions.

IVolatility is an award-winning, revolutionary options data and analysis service providing all the information required by equity & futures options traders for pre-trade analysis, post-trade decision support and risk management. As a recognized leader in the field, we bring the volatility measures along with other important data for option traders and strategists. We provide options volatility data arranged and displayed in a manner that creates predictive qualities and provide the best volatility charts in the business. Nobody does it better!

At the core of many of our solutions is our powerful volatility database providing traders with the data for building custom analytics, backtesting trading strategies, and analyzing market performance. The database can be accessed directly with a simple web browser or through a dedicated data feed. Our goal is to provide our customers with extremely accurate and reliable data they can quickly use for analysis.


For those who would like to meet with Giles or Jack here is their contact information

Giles Direct contact 312 882-5632


Jack Direct contact 646 401-1190