More Volume & Open Interest Data


Last week we began adding both the daily volume and open interest to the data tables at our complimentary Basic Options, Advanced Options and Advanced Historical Data pages. Located to the right of the stock volume, users can now easily compare volume and open interest against the one-week averages, making it easier to identify active option activity going into an earnings report, a takeover rumor or other events.

Since Advanced Options also provides intraday data, the previous day's volume and open interest continues displaying until updated after the close each day and available when clicking on the "market close" link. To make the comparative data even more useful we include one-week averages on the Advanced Options "Close" page while the Advanced Options "Live" page shows one month averages.

Updated in the evenings after the close they will be available before the market opens the next day. For the Advanced Options Close page, the update occurs around midnight for Advanced Options Live the new data appears later, but before the next day open.