New European Futures Data Service


As we continue to expand our data services, we are now announcing our expansion into the European futures markets. Starting with important underlying names like Euro BOBL, Euro Bund, and others from Eurex as well as the IBEX 35 Index Mini. Our futures coverage now includes US, Europe, Asia, and Russia. Our expansion plans will soon be extending to even more markets.

Historical data for the new European futures starts from November 2012 and is available now for purchase along with a daily update service including implied volatility data. For historical data purchases contact

For our website service the European futures markets will require an additional premium subscription, but for the next three months they are available at current futures service standard rates as follows.

  1. Futures Ranker $19.95/month
  2. Advanced Futures Options $14.95 (including Futures data and charts, Futures options chains with Implied Volatility & Greeks, options calculator)

Current subscribers will be able to access the new European data now.

For new users we continue to offer our 2 week free trial.

Contact for more information.