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Let's Get Social...

October 30, 2023

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In this Edition, let's talk social...

What you may not know is that we've recently revamped our social media presence. Now, you can find interesting volatility stats, tutorial videos, articles, and demos across the major social media platforms. (Short three-minute demo video HERE.)

1. For example, on Twitter (follow us HERE), we post about interesting movements in Implied Volatility throughout the day:

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2. On our YouTube channel (subscribe HERE), we post in-depth webinars and short demo videos about how to use tools available to you as an IVolatility/IVolLive users to create actionable option trades in any market conditions:

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3. Then, on our Reddit page (follow us HERE), we post interesting articles covering our take on various market conditions and stock moves:

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4. On LinkedIn (follow us HERE), we post our views on the market in light of current market conditions and other interesting updates:

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5. And finally, our recently revamped Facebook page (follow us HERE), combines elements of all of the above into one east to follow source:

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How to Play It

As you can see, we have all kinds of interesting information on our Social Media platforms. Don't miss a moment of the action - subscribe and follow us (for free) on all of the channels above.

(Again, short three-minute tutorial video on how to follow us on each platform HERE and as a sample of the content, last week's webinar HERE.)

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