Advanced Historical Data - Three Months Free!

Advanced Historical Data - Three Months Free!

We are excited to announce a special April 2015 offer for our most popular Advanced Historical Data web delivered service.

IV DeltaFor everyone subscribing to Advanced Historical Data for 6 months in April 2015, either new or current subscribers, we will add an additional 3 months free.

Advanced Historical Data includes comprehensive data tables along with historical charts of the most popular measures used for options trading and analysis arranged in 4 tabs:  Implied Vol Index (IVX), Historical Vol (HV), Correlation & Beta, Skew & Kurtosis.

Important features and charts include:

    • IV Index and Historical Volatility at the same chart for comparing and determining if the current IVX is high/low vs. HV. See DJX chart above
    • Lagged IVX and HV chart with correlation for analysis of how IVX predicts realized volatility
    • Total Options Volume and OI charts for calls, puts, and totals, with the sentiment indicator put/call volume ratio
    • IVIndex term structure chart vs. 1 year High/Low indicates whether current level of IVX implies expensive/cheap options compared to 1 year’s data
    • Correlation and Beta charts vs.  SPX
    • Distribution of IVX, HV

    For more detailed analysis and historical perspective, the chart terms can be customized in increments from 1 month to 2 years or more so the chart term can be matched to the planned trade term.

    In addition to charts, data tables contain underlying equity prices, IV Index, Historical Volatility, Correlation values with current and historical 1 year high/low data, Total and Average Option Volumes & OI and more useful data to help prepare trade plans that include volatility as a part of the strategy.

    Advanced Historical Data, the backbone for serious options strategy planning is just $19.95/month for the US end of day version.

    For those interested in European or Canadian equities and options an end-of-the-day mode, Advanced Historical Data  can be expanded to include  European or Canadian equities for only an extra $9.95 a month more for each region.

    To take advantage of this special Advanced Historical Data April offer for 6 months and get 3more free, contact us at

    As usual, a 2-week free trial is available for all new subscribers or upgrades.


    IVolatility support team.