IVolatility.com new services announcement:
Advanced Options Page LIVE

IVolatility.com is proud to announce the latest addition to our intraday services set. Our new Advanced Options Page Live is a 20-minute delayed data based version of one of our most popular services � our Advanced Options Page

The new service provides you with the most recent updates on the most important stocks and options data. These include - stock �last� price, options bid/ask quotes and complete set of �implied� variables � options contracts implied volatilities and underlying �Implied Volatility Index� so that you can monitor your stocks and options on an intraday basis. Sensitivity indicators - Greeks � are also shown with intraday updates so that you can see how your deltas, vegas ...etc are changing as the markets are moving..

Get your free 2-week trial of Advanced Options Page Live Now! Our recent newsletter dedicated to the End of Day version of the service, explains how this service can help you in your trading. The "Live" has all the advantages of its End of Day counterpart, but provides you with an additional valuable functionality. With the "Live" version you would be able to:

  • monitor risks in real-time (implied volatility and greeks)
  • detect unusually high trading activity (contract volume and bid/ask spread)
  • check for large price changes
  • monitor implied volatility skew dynamics on charts and capture theoretical edge

In short, the "Live" version becomes a valuable intraday decision support tool, rather than a simple End of Day analytic utility.

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