IVolatility Risk Management Upgrade - Summer & Spring 2010.

IVolatility Risk Management Upgrade - Summer & Spring 2010.



A new upgrade of IVolatility Risk Management (IV RM) has just been completed.

IVolatility.com is an award winning resource in the derivatives world providing analytical services, historical volatility data, and volatility charts for more than 10 years to market professionals.

IV RM is a real-time system combining analytics, trading records, and risk management delivered in an ASP model, providing a single all-inclusive solution for trading professionals.

Being empowered by IVolatility.com, the IV RM system is integrated with the IVolatility database providing implied volatilities, correlations, betas and other data for advanced risk analysis along with   real-time options and strategy scanners.  It combines trade execution capturing, risk management and reporting functionality with the powerful pre-trade analytics driven by IVolatility.com.

IVolatility Risk Management (IV RM)
Key features include:

  • real-time quotes and risk evaluation
  • risk aggregation on account/strategy/firm basis
  • what-if analysis
  • execution trade feed

and more...

Read a complete description of IV RM.

new upgrade features

Using a systematic all-inclusive risk management system saves valuable time that can be devoted to market analysis and trade structuring thereby greatly improving the probability of a better equity curve. 

We will continue offering better online solutions for active traders. 

To learn more or request a demo please e-mail sales@IVolatility.com.



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