Questions About Options?

If you have any questions about options or trading options, please check out our FAQ section or visit our YouTube channel here. You can also contact our support to get assistance with our products via email at support@ivolatility.com

Is there a simple video I can watch that gives me a demonstration of the IVolLive platform?

How to read and use IVolatility numbers?

What is the methodology used in calculating the IV index?

Does the IV index represent only the ?at the money? options? volatility?

What is the difference between IV Index Call and IV Index Put?

Why do you normalize the IV index to fixed maturities (i.e. 30 days)?

How many expirations do you use for IVIndex calculations?

Is any weighting scheme applied to the calculation of historical volatility?

What models and what market inputs do you use?

What is Volatility Skew?

How far back do you have Implied Volatility data on individual stocks and indices?

What is a 'current option price' you use for IV calculations?

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