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Welcome to IVolatility.com Knowledge Base - your only starting point for Options Analysis and Trading Education!

For those who are relatively new to the Options trading world we recommend excellent materials provided by The Options Industry Council (OIC), a non-profit association created to educate the investing public and brokers about the benefits and risks of exchange-traded options. They can be contacted directly on 1-888-678-4667. The OIC educational materials not only cover basic topics (such as what option contract is) but also give an introduction to some Advanced Concepts (such as what Implied Volatility and Greeks are). The site also covers most known options Strategies - must to read material.

To get yourself started with Volatility concept we advise you to read the articles:

Our Understanding IVolatility.com Data section provides an in-depth description of Implied and Historical (Stock) Volatilities as well as our 'Implied Volatility Index' - a unique characteristic which represents a composite Volatility for a stock by taking suitable weighted individual option volatilities. We also provide pretty detailed and simultaneously easy-to-understand description of the most significant values sophisticated traders can't live without - such as volatility surface, volatility skew, correlation and lots of other indicators including unique ones available only to IVolatility.com subscribers. Get yourself familiar with these to be able to use our services effectively and successfully!

The IVolatility Jargon section explains some terms widely used throughout the site. The FAQ sections also worth looking at - you might find some of your questions answered here.

Though we tried to make our services quite intuitive and easy to use, sometimes you need a bit of advice using it. Every service on the site has a quick intro page - please refer to the IVolatility services list to find a 'Detailed information' link with service screenshots and description of the service usage. For our most powerful and sophisticated services we also provide detailed service guides available for download (Adobe Reader required).

Sometimes the easiest way to find answer to your question is to make use of the Site Search feature. We indexed all educational content available on our site so you could quickly look up word or a phrase.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with Ivolatiity.com members club - welcome to our Forum (broken into Methodology and IVolatility Services sections).

Our newest addition is IVolatility RT Spread Scanner blog with Bud Huslett. The Blog author is Bud Haslett - veteran options trader with over 23 years of options experience including 20 years as a market maker on the trading floor and three years as an institutional options money manager.

Feel free to share with us your questions and ideas - our email is Support@IVolatility.com