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Welcome to the IVolatility.com Knowledge Base - your starting point for Options Analysis and Trading Education to help you on you journey to become a profitable options trader!

The best way to get live access to the power of our platform, as well as ask questions to our IVolLive experts, is to register for one of our free webinar sessions:

In addition to our weekly webinars, our Understanding IVolatility.com Data section provides an in-depth description of Implied and Historical (Stock) Volatilities as well as our proprietary 'Implied Volatility Index' - a unique characteristic which represents a composite Volatility for a stock by taking suitable weighted individual option volatilities.

We also provide detailed and easy-to-understand descriptions of the most significant values traders can't live without - such as volatility surface, volatility skew, correlation and many other proprietary indicators only available to IVolatility.com subscribers.

The IVolatility Jargon section explains the terms that are widely used throughout the site.

The FAQ sections covers the most common questions and comments.

If you have additional comments or feedback, feel free to drop us a note at Support@IVolatility.com

Additional Resources to jumpstart your options education:

Putting volatility to work written by Ravi Kant Jain and published in the Active Trader Magazine (April 2001),
Exploring the Edge written by Jack Walker in 2010.