Check the NEW demonstration of RT Spread Scanner.

Visit our Webinars and Presentations section and watch the new online demonstration of our professional RT Spread Scanner.

RT (real-time) Spread Scanner is the one of the 4 services in the popular discounted package Options Scanner Suite which is available for $79.95/month with 2 weeks free trial.

The Demo provides an overview of all functionality available in the scanner:

  • comprehensive filters for stocks and options based on market information such as prices, spread, volume,OI, changes, etca?� as well as analytical filters with Implied Vols, Historical Vols
  • organizing scanner workspace, renaming and saving search layouts
  • analyzing strategies found by the scanner, comparing different strategies and selecting the best ones
  • creating a pocket of your favorite strategies
  • Option Monitor with options chains, intraday prices, implied vols, as well as previous closing day data

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