IVolatility Bonus Offer: PnL Options Calculator
now included Free with the Options Scanner Suite

We have upgraded our powerful Options Scanner Suite to include our newly released PnL Options Calculator. Now you can easily find options with the greatest volume traded or those with the greatest increase in implied volatility and then simulate potential trading opportunities in real-time or end-of-day.

All subscribers who extend their $79.95 monthly subscription to the Options Scanner Suite
beyond the free trial period will receive the PnL Options Calculator,
a $29.95 per month value absolutely FREE.

The powerful Options Scanner Suite is special discounted package containing four incredible option scanners, including the RT (real-time) Spread�Scanner used for quickly finding good trading ideas such as naked or covered calls and puts to more sophisticated Spreads, Straddles, Strangles and more.

Now, with the addition of the new PnL Options Calculator you will be able to simulate and chart the profit and loss potential of any planned, as well as existing trades.

Input complex multi-leg strategies and simulate how the changes in stock price, volatility, dividends, interest rates and time decay will influence the results that are shown in both a table and a graph.

PnL Calculator

PnL Calculator is available as a separate subscription at $29.95 per month but
for Option Scanner Suite it will be added absolutely FREE.

Here is what to do:
Just sign up for a two-week trial subscription for the Option Scanner Suite
and the PnL Options Calculator.

Then when you renew your subscription to the Options Scanner Suite,
the PnL Options Calculator will be included at one low price of just $79.95 per month.�

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