IVolatility announces an upgraded RT Spread Scanner

IVolatility announces an upgraded RT Spread Scanner

IVolaility.com, the leader in providing high-quality volatility data to institutional clients, announces the launch of a new improved version of our RT Spread Scanner, one of our most popular analytical instruments in the Options Scanner Suite package along with PnL Calculator and other scanners.

Used for scanning equity option universe for profit opportunities, it includes the most popular strategies, from plain naked or covered strategies and conversions to more sophisticated spreads, straddles and strangles. The intuitive, but flexible interface makes it suitable for both novice and advanced users.

It is as functional as the previous version, but faster with an improved Graphical User Interface for an even better interactive experience.

Free trial and a Subscription Offer!

As a part of our launch we are offering a two-week free trial for you to see the improvements for yourself. Get free trial of Options Scanner Suite with RT Spread Scanner now!

Regular subscription after the trial is $79.95 per month, but when you decide to subscribe for two months we give you the third month free � contact us at

This is a limited time offer. Contact us now to get started.