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IVolatility adds an Option Monitor to the RT Spread Scanner, the leader in providing high-quality volatility data to institutional clients, announces the launch of a new Option Monitor Screen for our RT Spread Scanner.

The RT Spread Scanner is one of our most popular analytical tools included in the Options Scanner Suite package along with PnL Calculator and other scanners.

It is a professional tool for scanning the equity option universe for trading ideas including the most popular strategies. From plain naked or covered positions to conversions and more sophisticated spreads, straddles and strangles.

Now, included with the RT Spread Scanner, the new Option Monitor Screen allows users to watch live options chains with current underlying and options prices, Volumes, OI, Implied Volatility, Greeks, Call/Put live volume ratio, as well as add closing data like Historical Volatility, IVIndex, Total Option Volume and much more.

Sort the volume field to find the most active options.


Time and Strike skew charts are included for comparing the implied volatility of a particular strike in different months (Time Skew) and implied volatility of each strike compared to other same month strikes (Smile or Strikes skew).


Current subscribers can access the new Option Monitor in the RT Spread Scanner now.

For new users, RT Spread Scanner is available for just $79.95/month with our usual 2-week free trial.

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